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Disposable PPE Products

We are proud to offer Gloria Med Italy products for compression therapy; they truly represent the essence of Gloria Med Italy and stem from a tradition handed over from father to son. This century-long involvement has lead Gloria Med Italy, year after year, to develop medical stockings that match advancements in modern phlebotomy with state of the art technology, offering products that provide the optimum medical effect.

Gloria’s history began in 1895 as medical business in Milan, Italy, while manufacturing activity started in 1926 in Lugano, Switzerland.

In 1936 appeared the first, totally automated loom to produce two-way stretch stockings.

In the 50’s Gloria moved to Menaggio, on lake Como, becoming a well-known brand in the phlebology field.

In 1990, Gloria joined the famous Quality Association of medical stockings producers in Germany. Today, it is among the leaders in its field, with the quality of its products recognized all over the world.

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